Mi Casa Es Su Casa

The sharing economy is redefining circulation --of people, goods, and resources. In particular, shared accommodation services through which peers can post, find, and book accommodation made available by others, are used by people worldwide. Despite this success, relatively little academic work has done to understand practices and perceptions of peer accommodation. Our project aims to understand how peer accommodation services are perceived and used in developed and developing countries.

We consider Switzerland and Mexico as case studies. Putting emphasis on both psychological and computational aspects, the project spans field work, lab experiments, crowdsourcing, and data mining to study peer accommodation in the two target countries. Airbnb sites in México are shown in the heat map on the left. The project is supported by the EPFL-UNIL Program on Cross-Disciplinary Research on Science and Society (CROSS). Please visit Idiap's website and our community Facebook page to know more about our project.