You-i Lab's Data Science Course

In this age of information technology, where people from widely dispersed societies are in closer contact than even before, it is easier to identify many ways that actions in one part of the world can have far-reaching effects to some other places in the planet. Awareness is growing that we live in a world where all of us are interconnected. A sense of interconnectedness is an important asset that enable people to harmoniously relate to each other, regardless who they are or where they come from. An enhanced sense of interconnectedness strengthens self confidence, as well as the ethical and humane values required to find technological solutions to real-world problems that make people's life better, without loosing the view that technology can change the life of people in manifold ways.

You-i Lab's data science course provides the knowlege, tools and skills that enable students to successfuly analyze real-world data in the context of projects that benefit people and their communities. Topics covered in the course include: Data, Information, Ethics & Society, Probability and Information Theory, Numerical Computation, Machine Learning Basics; Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Graphical Models, Latent Models, and Deep Learning Basics.

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