UrBis is a crowdsourcing platform developed at IPICYT's You-i Lab to address socio-urban problems in México.

SenseCityVity Juventud

Diagnosing the state of youth in Guanajuato state through mixed methods.

SenseCityVity León

Studying how youth perceive their urban environment in León City through the use of social media and mobile crowdsourcing tools.

SenseCityVity Mérida

Documenting the urban environment of "The White City" through participatory sensing.

SenseCityVity Querétaro

Understanding the factors that favor and those that hinder the sense of security of the young people in Querétaro City.

SenseCityVity UPG

Documenting socio-urban issues through participatory sensing in Cortazar City, Guanajuato..

SenseCityVity Torreón

Identifying and documenting deteriorated city infrastructure in ​​Torreón Coahuila urban area.

SenseCityVity Radio-UG

A radio broadcast produced by Ce Mobili and th University of Guanajuato to support citizen engagement in Guanajuato City.